SMS presents Solopower, a financed turnkey Smart Solar + Battery Storage service for local authorities and housing associations which addresses the dual challenge of carbon emissions and fuel poverty. 

Through our highly skilled energy team, we work with you via our Solopower service to design a solar generation and battery storage scheme for any new and existing social housing stock.

Utilising our low-carbon financing capability and engineering expertise, we then install your smart home assets at no up-front cost as well as manage ongoing operation remotely on behalf of landlord and tenant through our innovative FlexiGrid software.

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Solopower benefits
  • Reduce tenants’ energy costs by c.28% (up to £275p.a.) compared to standard tariffs, helping tackle the rising issue of fuel povert​y.

  • Decarbonise housing electricity supply by up to 70% per home​.

  • Support whole-home energy efficiency and significantly improve EPC ratings of your housing stock.

  • Assets managed remotely via our FlexiGrid platform, removing the dilemma of consumer behaviour change.

Our fully or co-financed service is enabled through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between SMS and the landlord, with costs recovered from tenants through a service charge or increased rent​.

Other Solopower features include:

  • Tenants retain freedom to choose any supplier / tariff for remaining supply from the grid
  • Tariff optimisation maximises bill savings to the tenant by grid-charging battery during off-peak periods.
  • By choosing appropriate tariffs, combined solar and grid supply can be as low as 19p/kWh
  • We can work with you to plan, integrate and deliver your Smart Solar + Storage scheme as part of an organisation-wide net-zero carbon target
  • Purchase Power Agreement for solar generation delivered behind-the-meter​

Join the smart energy revolution

Play a part in shaping the future of low-cost, decarbonised electricity supply for the UK social housing sector.

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Have more questions about Solopower?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section in the dropdown section below, where we look to address all the most common queries from social landlords. Still can't find the information you are looking for? Then don't hesitate to get in touch

Is Solopower for new or existing housing stock?  

Solopower can be part of a retrofit project to existing homes or installed to new housing stock.

As a landlord, I’m concerned about fuel poverty amongst my tenants. How can Solopower help?

By operating the solar PV and battery assets remotely through our FlexiGridTM software, we can capture and store the free generation of solar energy for use by the resident, or import power from the grid at the cheapest times through a Time-of-Use (ToU) tariff. By doing so, we are actively optimising tenants’ energy costs and reducing their bills by up to £275 p/a, and therefore helping alleviate rates of fuel poverty.

So how does a tenant save money on their electricity bill exactly?

Tenants save money in two ways. Firstly, the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between you and the tenant is offered at a discounted rate to standard electricity tariffs. Secondly, where the tenant changes their supplier tariff from a fixed or variable tariff to a Time-of-Use (ToU) tariff, the intelligent operation of the battery in conjunction with a smart meter and our FlexiGridTM platform, will make sure that grid energy is used when prices are low (‘off peak’) and the PV and battery energy is utilised when prices are high (‘peak’).

How can Solopower help reduce carbon emissions?

Solopower can decarbonise each home’s electricity supply by up to 90% through generating clean renewable energy from the solar panel installed and optimising the resident’s usage of whatever is generated through smart operation of the battery. This significantly reduces the need to use electricity supplied from the grid which has been generated primarily from fossil fuels. Any additional electricity needed by the resident (i.e. not generated by the solar panel) is automatically purchased on a ToU tariff during the night (when grid carbon intensity is generally much lower) and stored in the tenant’s battery for later use. This is achieved through our pioneering FlexiGrid aggregation and control software, operated remotely by our Solopower team on behalf of the tenant and landlord.

What is the expected EPC rating improvement with Solopower? 

EPC improvements could be as high as two levels of classification, although this depends on the current SAP score of each property. A typical installation of PV & battery would see an increase of around 15-18 points on the SAP score using the new SAP10.1.

Can I install Solopower in a flat / apartment or does it have to be a house? 

Solopower is intended as a housing solution. However, we do have other options that can work in flats/apartments and we would be happy to discuss this with you. It is important to know that whatever property you choose, it will need roof space to fit between 3-4kw of solar PV to be installed, without entering a neighbouring property.

Who takes care of operation & maintenance? 

As part of the Solopower solution, SMS will manage all operational responsibilities. For example, we monitor and optimise battery operation to maximise self-consumption of solar energy, reducing import of energy from the grid. We anticipate minimal disruption throughout the project lifespan, but in the unlikely event of unexpected component failure, we will promptly repair or replace where necessary. 

We already have challenges with rent arrears, surely an extra bill to our tenants will only make this worse?

Of course, we recognise this challenge, and we will help you with an appropriate billing solution. However, if a tenant’s energy bills are lower, they’re more likely to be able to pay their rent. Remember, with the improved standard of living you are offering your tenants by investing in Solopower, you are actively reducing their electricity costs which means there is true value in being your tenant.

Do you have examples of the Solopower solution installed?

Take a look at our ReFLEX case study here. Whilst it does not directly reference Solopower, due to our partnership with a consortium and other technologies such as EV charging being included, it offers insight into an award-winning, UK Government-supported project where SMS is responsible for huge carbon reduction and tenant energy savings.

Who can I talk to about Solopower?

Get in touch with our team via email In the meantime, please take a look at our dedicated Solopower brochure here.